Lesson 2 C

Monday, September 9, 2013

Pada Lesson 2 C ini, Anda akan diberikan latihan yaitu 'menebak kata apa yang benar' yang diucapkan oleh native-speaker pada audio-lesson ini. Ulangi sampai Anda benar-benar paham untuk melatih listening-skill Anda pada  latihan kali ini. 

Okey, langsung saja dengarkan audio-lesson dibawah ini dan ikuti teks panduannya... 

Practice 2: Left or right

1. they are going to suffer/supper without her
2. the old car was painted/tainted yellow
3. the hatless/hapless young man canoed the river
4. the flight/plight of the birds is on a documentary
5. there were a lot of goods laps/laughs at the competition
6. hang the rope/robe on the doorknob
7. his bride/pride was the most important thing to him
8. I believe the pair/bear went into the woods
9. how many grapes/grates did you deliver
10. could you please bring me a coffee/copy